Currently I am on a trip in Amsterdam with my family. The featured video at the top of the page was filmed in the early morning of a Saturday when my brother and I went out for a walk. When you go out during the afternoon in Amsterdam you will find a bustling population of locals and tourists. Bicyclists zoom past nearly hitting you and people run around you trying to dodge the oncoming parade of two wheeled transportation vehicles. Amsterdam in the Morning is a totally different experience

  The first thing that you will notice while walking around Amsterdam on a Saturday morning is the quiet. You will see a few people here and there walking their dogs or getting their morning cup of guava but in general the city is at peace. This was a side of Amsterdam I believed not many people talk about or share with people. I initally went out earlier in the morning to shoot video mainly so I didn't get in the way of the waves of pedestrians and I could then shoot video without feeling self-conscious about whether I was irritating someone. To my surprise this was the perfect time to film. I truly felt I got to tell a story of Amsterdam that is rarely seen and I hope my experience filming will even more help me remeber the beauty of the city.

 - Connor MacKinney